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Mayonnaise’s unlikely origin in a Mediterranean Paradise, by Albert Stumm, The Boston Globe

Mayonnaise’s unlikely origin in a Mediterranean Paradise o El impensable origen de la mahonesa, en una isla paradisíaca del Mediterráneo, un article de Albert Stumm per a The Boston Globe, publicat el 15 de diciembre de 2017

A ceramic bowl landed on the white tablecloth with a thud, a wooden handle jutting straight out the top. Inside was a substance thick enough to keep the pestle standing upright and the same color as its container, a deep yellow, almost orange.

My first thought was of Velveeta cheese. Instead, it was homemade mayonnaise, mashed into a paste with mortar and pestle from just a technicolor egg yolk, a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt. The idea was to smear it not only on the steamed scorpionfish in seaweed broth that it came with, but also on bread like butter.

The presentation and pairing were enough to upend conventional wisdom about a potato salad ingredient. But then there was the story behind it, not to mention the unexpected location — the seaside Sa Llagosta restaurant in Menorca far off Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

Així comença l’article del periodista Albert Stumm per al The Boston Globe, sobre la salsa ma(h)onesa, que pots llegir aquí en anglès Mayonnaise’s unlikely origin in a Mediterranean Paradise i aquí en castellà El impensable origen de la mahonesa en una isla paradisiaca del Mediterraneo

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